We at St. John’s have been very fortunate that we are in a position where we can share our gifts with those in our community in need of financial support. In the past 3 years, we have partnered with Zions UCC, located on Hamilton Street in Allentown to provide hot breakfast several times a week to those in need, the breakfast is open to all, men, women, and children but usually attended by mainly by Allentown’s homeless population, “Jubilee Breakfast”. We not only provide financial support, provided by a grant through the benevolence committee and donations from members of the congregation, but we also have a group of volunteers who share their time and talents to help at the breakfast.

In addition to the “Jubilee Breakfast,” we must mention our continuing partnership with Central Elementary School, which is a center city school, in one of the most in-need areas in the Allentown School District. Through a grant the church provides financial support for the school’s “Book Blast”, which allows each of the 617 children who are enrolled in the school, to choose a book that they get to keep, this helps promote the children to continue to read outside of the school building. In addition to the financial support St John’s give the school, we also have a group of volunteers that give their time to read to the children during the school day and the congregation collects monthly donations of items such as sock and underwear, tissues and Chapstick that are distributed to the children throughout the year when needed. By helping the children, we are helping ourselves become a stronger community of caring and love.


Music has always been a very important part of the worship services at St. John's. We have been blessed, over the years, with the talents of many musicians, instrumental and vocal, from within our congregation and in the community. We have a rich, musical history that has led us to our current music director, Reverand Lois Mease. Through our instrumental section, we feature handbells and tone chimes that make up our Bell Choirs. Our final piece of musical importance is our Tower Chimes, a nine-bell, hand-operated carillon. We are proud to feature the dedicated members of our choir.


The love of the arts by the congregation of St. John’s U.C.C. is evident to any observer who visits the facility. There are paintings, stained glass windows, textile arts, a mural, and a sculpture. Through this, we can enjoy a wide variety of mediums being represented. Some pieces are tucked away and others cannot be missed. Join us at St. Johns in enjoying these unique artworks.